Rosemarie E. Bishop

The Moral Vampire Series is a collection of 3 books; Search For A Soul, A Matter Of Conscience, and Spiritual Vengeance. The other books are stand alone stories all containing matters of heart, fear, lessons, and triumph.

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The Moral of the Vampire Series

Stand Alone Novels

Search For A Soul

"Search For A Soul," the first book in The Moral Vampire Series. This story is about a vampire's struggle with the human condition coupled with his struggle to accept his vampirism as he attempts to make sense of his life, and discover his soul with the help of a mortal woman, and his best friend who is also an angel.


Noah's Garden

Noah's Garden is one of Rosemarie's favorite novels. It is a huge diversion from the Moral Vampire Series, but it has given her a chance to show her spiritual and ethical beliefs through a different set of characters, thereby putting those beliefs in the front line of her work.


A Matter Of Conscience

A Matter Of Conscience is a tantalizing novel that deals with the poer of love and the destructive potential of even the simplest lie. Human nature causes us to lie to avoid conflict, but we never see how devastating a lie will become if left unsettled in truth.


A Brother's Love

A Brother's Love is a story that shows how unseen forces from different dimensions may be the driving force behind so much of what happens in our lives when we let our guard down and open ourselves up to the wrong kind of energy.


Spiritual Vengeance

Spiritual Vengeance is RosemarieĀ“s finest triumph in depicting how closely related both sides of existence can actually be, and what it might take to effect the desired results in both.


Mrs. Pope

Mary Pope is a very spiritual woman who lives on Spirit Island with her husband, Mike, on the French River in Ontario, Canada. Her long time friendship with the Ojibway Indians has met with its share of adversity that she now must overcome as all the residents of the region prepare to battle the evil that has chosen to invade their peaceful existence.